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Digitization in Agriculture Needs more Investment

In a panel debate at the International Green Week in Berlin on Friday January 27, representatives of the German Farmers Association (DBV) and Germany’s digital association Bitkom discussed the benefits of and prerequisites for modern agriculture.

“Advanced agriculture is only possible if digital technologies are used in a better way. For that, we need a viable infrastructure, even in rural areas,” said Dr. Bernhard Rohleder, Managing Director of Bitkom. All participants agreed that there is a tremendous need to catch up on digital infrastructure. With ever-increasing digitization, the demand for better networks is growing day by day. Because of this, the gaps in broadband coverage need to be filled as soon as possible. “Agriculture uses digitization to stand up to international competition. That’s why broadband expansion has to happen fast and be widespread,” said Bernhard Krüsken, Secretary General of DBV. Both see it as the government’s responsibility to push for expansion. You can read Bitkom’s press release in full here:

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