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The Networked Farm

Agriculture is in the midst of a digital revolution and has to become much more efficient and sustainable if it is to face the challenges of an increasing world population.

In the latest edition of Bayer’s scientific magazine research, Tobias Menne, Head of Digital Farming at Bayer, and Ole Peters, Technical Director of Bayer’s Digital Farming team, describe how Bayer supports farmers with digital solutions. Researchers are developing intelligent software tools that link information about the weather, soil conditions, and crop health. In doing so, we are equipping farmers with innovative decision support tools that simplify daily farming activities. “The more a farmer knows about his soils, the better equipped he is to decide which varieties to sow in a certain area to produce optimal yields,” explains Tobias Menne. “We’re helping farmers all over the world supply the world’s growing population with sufficient food,” adds Ole Peters. Read the full article here.